Split Image (Multi-Partition - Single Partition

  • Server
    • FOG Version: newest
    • OS: ubuntu 16.04
    • Service Version: newest
    • OS: Windows 7

    we have dualboot Clients (Win 7 - ubuntu 16.04). I made a multi-partition Image. On the fog-server now i have files d1h1.img … til d1h5.img. I only need the windows partition (+ plus the 100MB Boot partition). Is ist possible to make a single partition Image?

    Thanks, Martin

  • Hi Andreas thanks

    Is there a Tutorial somewhere. At least i want to clone into VirtualBox, so i only need a vdi-file from the img-file.

  • Developer

    @Lebowski simple answer: no.
    complicated answer: it’s probably technically possible, but it would be less work to just create the image the way you want it to be deployed.

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