SOLVED advices for compression choice

  • Hello,
    In 1.3.5 we can choise to compress images.
    There a 2 compression programs, gzip or zsdt ?
    Could we have help to choice which format ?
    What are avantages of each one ?

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    @lebrun78 OK I just had a chat with the developers over this.

    zstd is used for decompression of both legacy and new images (as of FOG 1.3.5). You have the option of using industry standard gzip for image compression or the new zstd for image compression. If the industry standard gzip compression is used, you “could use” any zip program to extract the image from the FOG archive (not very common and only done for a very specific reason).

    The newer zstd format can achieve better data throughput (target hard drive compression and decompression) than by using the gzip format. They (the developers) switched to zstd based on a feature request to make FOG imaging even faster (the FOG Project is all about going faster) and with a tighter packed image on the FOG server (smaller disk space used on the FOG server’s hard drive).

    The real decision not really a decision. Use zstd and live with the faster deployment speeds, or use gzip and deploy as the same zippy speeds the previous versions of FOG 1.3.x supported.

    Really its not a decision use zstd and worry about other things in the world.

  • @george1421
    Thanks George
    That 's just what I wanted to know

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    @lebrun78 gzip is the legacy compression tool and zsdt is the new tool. If you have legacy images (captured before 1.3.5 you can stay on gzip). Zsdt is just a new compression tool with better cpu utilization and compression speed.

    There is no right choice here. We just gave you the choice (blue pill or the red one. You choose).

  • What do you mean?

    When you create the image definition, you select the choices you want. There is no selection criteria other than something needs to be selected.

  • yes, but which are selection criterias ?

  • Choices are already available to choose.