UNSOLVED host MAC update problem

  • We had an issue about previously missing and disappeared host. With the kind and fast help problem was solved. As it happened again, reason seems to be same thought it would be a help for future investigation that I put here what we found:

    • host is changed, so without creating a new host, mac and image is changed (dummy host for cloning, registered for this purpose only and for a limiterd time)
    • after mac change (overwritten with new data by simply copy paste) update button pressed
    • host updated it says and right after it the host is not visible with host lookup. disappeared
    • in database host has 1 mac address only, not pending mac, no primary mac

    So, seems that mac update procedure has some issue somehow what can make host disappeare under some condition. Actually idk what condition cos as it was reported between mac update and save nothing happened, 3 sec passed till lookup and voila, no host appeares.

    Can we do any other test to help you guys to investigate the problem? (well, if i do only that i put flag to primary mac, host reappears).

    fun fact: up to know a partucular host did it more than one time 🙂 it maybe has bad juju? 😄

  • Take your time, as I have learned to solve it for me is not urgent. You told me if i think it needs further investigation, let it be posted in separate thread, so i did 🙂

  • I’ll try to replicate over the weekend. Also, moved to fog problems for the moment.