• when i search or click list all images they don’t show the image number.
    for example Compaq2200xpHome (8). i get Compaq2200xpHome instead.
    i’m using .32 when i was using .29 it had the image number listed.
    it makes thing easy in pxe.

    i know it show the image number under host when selecting the host image.

  • Oh yeah, I see it.
    (ie - my first image includes “imageid=1” at the end of the URL)

  • Moderator

    When you mouse over the image name, it shows the number is the status bar. Not a fix,but a quick way to find the image number.

  • I wonder if that’s by design. I wouldn’t mind seeing this implemented again, if it is. That is a useful bit of information.

    A work around would be to include the image number in the description, since description does show up when you list all images. It’s a little ghetto, but it could work at least as a temporary solution.