UNSOLVED Max task for single snapin

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.4
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

    I have a group of 260 hosts, I try to deploy a “Single Snapin” task.
    More than 250 host had image associated.
    None has snapins associated (it’s my first snapin).
    Only 64 hosts hast task created at the end.

    Cancel from GUI all task or run :

    DELETE FROM `tasks` WHERE `taskStateID` IN ("1","2","3");
    DELETE FROM `snapinTasks` WHERE `stState` in ("1","2","3");

    only end to create the same amount of task each time.

    Thank you

  • @Tom-Elliott

    Your command has changed something.
    Now, it runs “single snapin” only on the host that have it added (it means only 1).
    Is this normal ? lol

    edit : Found out, with Thomas, that I have to associate this snapin to each host to create a working task for every host using group single snapin task.

  • @jmeyer with my testing in regards to taking snapins I did not encounter such a problem with a group tallying up at just over 1000 total hosts. I’m suspecting you may have some bad entries in the snapins assoc table that might be giving you the issue you’re seeing.

    Based on this would you mind trying SQL statements such as:
    delete from snapinAssoc where saHostID not in (select hostID from hosts) or saSnapinID not in (select sID from snapins); and rerun the cleanup from earlier, then try your tasking?

    You may need to reassociate snapins to hosts but you’re using groups to deploy which will schedule snapin tasking regardless of host snapin associations.

  • Problem remain the same with version 1.3.5.

  • Just informed that 1.3.5 is out and he is now installing it. Hopefully it addressed this problem, though I doubt it. I don’t know what the problem is yet, just giving foresight on what we’re “trying”.

  • I have also run as Thomas asked :

    truncate table snapinJobs;
    truncate table snapinTasks;
    delete from tasks where taskTypeID IN (12,13);

    but without success