300 MAC OSX and 50 Windows PXE problem

  • Hello everyone, firstly thx all developper for FOG !

    I have a little problem, i try Fog for deploy my infrastructure it’s works (for windows, for mac osx Not yet tested) but… Is there a solution to activate the pxe without physically passing?

    Thx for all reply and I’m very sorry my english is bad…!

  • Hello,
    It’s possible with some models, HP got BiosConfigUtility.exe and Dell got cctk.exe. With both you can deploy a batch via GPO to change BIOS options. Ex with cctk:

    @"\\MyServer\MyShare\Bios\Dell\W7\cctk.exe" --valsetuppwd MyBiosPass -i "\\MyServer\MyShare\Bios\Dell\CPQSETUP.TXT"



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