• Hello,

    I just recently lost a FOG server due to power/drive failure (a moment of silence). Since I back up most images I’m not concerned with saving the old machine and built a new FOG server. However, now I can get the Task Manager to show me confirmation options after selecting upload/deploy.

    I can PXE and register machines, add images, configure images and machines, but I can’t upload or deploy. When I select my machine under Task Management, I get the options and upon clicking Upload the screen clears and loads. However it shows nothing below the Task Managment title. I should see the options to shutdown after task and the button to image device (whatever it says). Not sure what to do… hepl please!

  • decided to move to Ubuntu, I’ve used it in the past.


  • Moderator

    I checked my error logs and they appear similar, but my tasks all work.

  • I check the error log for apache, I have a bunch. I attached a file of some of the errors. Not sure what they mean…


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    Check your apache log for errors.