Surface 3 - Unable to obtain DHCP

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    @dylan123 said in Surface 3 - Unable to obtain DHCP:

    I turned off spanning tree so our network connects to devices rather quickly now which is nice.

    Just a word of caution. Spanning tree was turned on for a reason. I don’t recommend that you turn it off. One of the functions of spanning tree is to detect network loopbacks and shut them down. With spanning tree off you loose that protection. That is why I recommended using one of the fast spanning tree protocols. They start forwarding right away and then listen for the bpdu packets.

    As for the network adapter, I don’t have a surface pro on my campus so I can’t really give a recommendation. I can say from what I’ve seen so far with uefi and pxe booting, only usb 3 adapters have been mentioned. The uefi firmware has to support the network adapter and the network adapter must support pxe booting for everything to work. With uefi you can’t just grab some random network adapter and expect it to pxe boot.

  • @george1421 Hey George, after posting yesterday (and reading other threads) I turned off spanning tree so our network connects to devices rather quickly now which is nice.

    I just tried going from surface 3 > dumb switch > network switch > fog server but I’m still getting the same error unfortunately.

    Wayne might be right with the adapter, I just find it strange it’s able to hit the FOG menu as it would need to be working via the adapter in the first place to get that far. It is a USB 3 adapter though which going through the threads, people seem to have had issues with. Do you guys think I could buy any USB 2 adapter or is there a particular model/version I should be looking for. I’ve gone through many of the threads Wayne has linked and I’ve only seen one model linked from Amazon ( and I was wanting to see whether I could find anything local before having to go down that route just as it would take a little while to be delivered before I could test to see whether that fixes the issue.

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    @dylan123 While I’m not absolute here, but can you place a dumb (unmanaged) switch between the building switch and this pxe booting computer. I’m trying to apply a spanning tree issue we’ve seen before to this issue. I’m not very confident that its spanning tree, but it may explain the randomness of it working and then not working in a short period of time.

  • @Wayne-Workman No luck with ipxe7156.efi

    Same adapter as the one Nicolas was using in this thread - However I’m not really sure whether he got it working or if the adapter was at fault or not.

    From looking at the other threads, a more generic usb2 Adapter might be the way to go if that does appear to be the issue.

  • Try this boot file: ipxe7156.efi
    If that doesn’t work, I’m guessing it’s the ethernet adapter you’re using. Read through these and get an adapter that has worked for someone else.
    Please report back with any success.

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