Minor annoyance (just graphical)

  • Hey guys! Long time no talk, I’ve been away for a bit. Good job with the updates and making this project soo versatile!

    Anyway, whenever I’m running a capture or deploy job my “lovely” usb lenovo mice decide to show up and eventually cover the screen. It doesn’t happen with ps2 or other brand usb mice i’ve tried.

    I understand its just graphical and in no way affects the actual job, it’s just annoying.

    alt text

  • @Wayne-Workman hah lol

  • I think it’s pretty.

  • It’s just a plain 'ol Lenovo USB wired mouse. I’ve been testing it with others and narrowed it down to just the Lenovo 3157 desktops. Any other desktop with the same mouse moved to it doesn’t show the “errors”.
    I guess it’s just machine specific. Case closed…

  • Going to guess it’s a problem with the USB Port as the mouse is presented to the device?

    Meaning, the USB from the mouse or on board is cycling on and off repeatedly? I don’t know of a good means to validate the issue. Is this a “wireless” mouse or just plain ol’ usb cabled?