Windows 7 OEM Activation Script - FOG Edition

  • Greetings,

    I’ve been using FOG for a little while now and where I work, we buy PCs that typically come with either an OEM Windows 7 license or Windows 8 with downgrade rights to 7. FOG handles retail or volume keys fine using the FOG client, but this won’t work for these OEM licenses or downgrade right installs.

    So I made myself a little SetupComplete script about a year ago that lets us quickly clean image these PCs and activate Windows the same way the OEM does when they arrive on our doorstep sysprep’d from the factory.

    You can read about how to do this yourself here, but I wrote a version that might suit FOG Project fans.

    What it does:

    • You select the manufacturer of the PC (or use the new “automatic mode”)
    • The script identifies the edition (Home Premium, Professional, etc) and installs the corresponding OEM cert and key
    • Verifies that activation was successful
    • Starts up the FOG client service

    It’s written in Batch and it’s messy, but it works. Feel free to fork it to make improvements, or open an issue on Github if you discover a bug.


    For now, you can view the FOG Edition of the script on Github:

    Or you can download it directly here (just be sure check the😞

    Note: the “Non-FOG” edition of the script (can be found on Github) does the same thing, it just doesn’t start/stop the FOG service or come packaged nicely with a SetupComplete.cmd template.

  • @Wayne-Workman thanks, Wayne!

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