Intel 82579LM Gigabit Network card on a Toshiba Tecra R850-S8540

  • Hi all.

    We just got in about 50 of these laptops.
    Problem is I can boot any of them to fog at all which is strange because i though the kernels pretty much covered most of intels NICs
    But right now picking anything bar boot to HDD ends up with the system sitting there with a black screen, it doesnt even start to load anything through the kernel.

    Any idea’s? I know some of this stuff is graphics card issues as i have ran in to this with nvida and ATI graphics card.


  • Yep 3.3.3 is the only one i can download [url][/url] doesnt work at all now so googling alas didnt help =/

    Anyone got it to hand they can send to me? emails [EMAIL][/EMAIL]


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    I found the link to the thread talking about the 3.4 kernels the links in the thread pointing to filedropper don’t work. they go to the filedropper home page, not to an actual file. Maybe the files have expired from filedropper?

    The latest I can get out of sourceforge is 3.2.4 and the latest off the kernel download pages on sourceforge is 3.3.3

  • Not to throw you under the bus, but seriously try googling it next time. It’s on the beta version available on the main fog download page.

  • Alas I cant find it anywhere I know there was a download link for it but i cant seem to get it to work

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    Did you try a 3.4 kernel? I think that one has support for this card, which I believe uses the e1000e driver in Linux.

    I reread your question and it seems you aren’t even getting the “loading kernel bzImage…” text. Is that correct?