Auto-Join Windows Domain Troubleshooting

  • I just set up a server running Fog 1.3.4 on CentOS 6.8 and using the DB from our current 1.3.0 svn production box.

    The DB has been updated to the 1.3.4 implementation and was able to get an image and also roll out an image. But wondering if there are some things I can look at to find out why the image is not auto-joining the domain.

    Fog Service is on the machine (Albeit the 1.3.0 version). I have also tried restarting the fog service on the windows machine to see if it will try to auto-join.

    Is there also a way to get it to auto-join or does it only do it after the image task?

  • Senior Developer

    @Smennywheek to debug the client, look at / provide the C:\fog.log file on the host with issues.

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