• What I am trying to do is to install the newest Ubuntu release on one of a host computers using FOG.

    I have got vm Ubuntu based FOG server up and running, but I don’t know where to put the Ubuntu installation files on my fog server to make it work as a clean OS install for my hosts. I tried copying it to images/<myimage> directory (that is correctly associated with the host - the name of the image appears during the pxe boot), but I got an error saying “Failed to mount to NFS volume”. I do not have the .mntcheck file there, but I don’t know what should it contain so I am stuck. I’ve heard it’s possible yet I am really struggling with this one.

    The other thing I was trying to do is to upload Image from vmware virtual machine, but it doesnt seem to detect the server running on another vmware virtual machine and does not launch the pxe boot. Both VMs are running on the same computer. I will then try to use this Image to pxe boot the host mentioned before as I will use same image for both of them.

    If you’ve got any ideas about what am I possibly doing wrong - please let me know.

    Thank you in advance 😉

  • Moderator

    You have to have a machine (virtual or otherwise) already loaded up with Ubuntu, take that image, then deploy that image to another machine (virtual or otherwise). You can’t easily use Fog to push the Ubuntu installer. Also, if you are going to image Linux, you can only have primary partitions of type ext2 or ext3. Fog does not currently support ext4 filesystem, which is the default for Ubuntu. When you install Ubuntu, specify the advanced options during partition and formatting to use only ext2 or ext3 for your non Swap partitions.

    In vmware, I think you have to tweak the network adapter settings to make it so the two virtual machines can talk to each other. In VirtualBox, you have to make them both part of the same named network. I do not know the specifics for vmWare.