UNSOLVED Change default /images directory

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    • FOG Version: 1.3.4
    • OS: Centos 7.3
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    Is there a way during the fog install to change the default /images location? I see the section in the installer.sh where is prompts you to put in the location but when I run the installer, I never see the prompt. I there a command line switch or something. We use /home/images as our centos 7.3 boxes are all built from the same image and we do not wish to maintain another baseline. Our partition where /images defaults to is not large enough.


  • Hi,

    in order to @george1421 's post, because of the may incoming space issue i have the main fog server on a vm with only 50gb of storage and an additional physical storage node with 4tb raid storage that will also went on a backup tape each week. our vm’s on esx also have a backup each week.

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  • @george1421 yes definitely, thanks

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    @finvader Right, and all I’m suggesting is that you create a new partition or if this is a virtual machine a new vmdk to hold your images. Your existing validated structure would stay in place.

    Most users just use the default partitioning structure for the OS and then run into issues when they capture something too big for the available space on the disk. Then the root partition fills up and the OS dies and its hard to recover.

  • @george1421 The images are not on root partition. Here is our partition setup. This is in a fully STIG compliant secured centos 7.3

    Images are stored in /home

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    @finvader While this doesn’t speak directly to your current situation, if you ever rebuild your fog server I’ve recommended that you move your images (and if you are a heavy snapin user) off the root partition all together. This way you can prevent a full root partition from taking down your fog server. If you fill up the images partition or disk just that disk has issues and not the OS.

  • Long story short. We maintain 1 centos 7.3 image. Our home directory is around 1.5 TB of storage. We create the /home/images directory to store images. In the past, after the install I had to go into the settings and simply change the location of the storage location and dev, now maybe, if we need to rebuild, I can just specify the location during the install. Trying to simplify things as much as possible for those that come behind me to attempt.

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    @finvader Ah, OK it was more of a general question…

  • I was running a fresh install today and I did not see where it asked for storage location.

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    @finvader I would have to ask, what is your goal here (yes I know to change the path, but why?) What is your end game because there may be another way to go about it to keep your fog build sane and still get the results you need.

  • @finvader How are you running the installer?

    The only time, otherwise, that it asks this is fresh install.

    If you’re upgrading, you would need to edit the /opt/fog/.fogsettings file looking for storageLocation.

    Or, of course, you can run as I just suggested.

  • Danke! Will give it a go. Not too big a deal as I can change the settings but would be nice to just specify during install.

  • You could run the installer with:

    storageLocation=/newpath/to/location storageLocationCapture=/newpath/to/location/dev ./installfog.sh -y