• Server

    • Running Version 1.3.4
    • SVN Revision: 6066
    • Description: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
    • Release: 16.04
    • Codename: xenial

    I have searched to no avail, and can not seem to figure out how to add a Live ISO to my FOG installation. All of the articles I found are for older versions, and the file paths seem to differ a bit. I am trying to add PartedMagic, but would also like to have other OS’s or linux distros available in the future.

    I have the ISO on the server, and it is being read by fog. Once I boot to the OS from the menu, it seems to load the iso just fine, but it errors out, like the image is not loaded in memory. I was a little confused with my initial setup as well, since I was using older write-ups to try to accomplish this. Below is a snippet from the “Advanced Configuration” for my Parted Magic menu entry.

    initrd http://${fog-ip}/fog/iso/pmagic_2013_08_01.iso
    chain memdisk iso raw ||
    goto MENU

    Any insight would be a great help, even if it is a link to a tutorial, or another article for this version of FOG.

  • Developer