Deploy Linux Image From ext3 file system to ext4 file system

  • Hello! In a small interesting bind. I am desperately needing to move an existing image on our FOGG server WITHOUT using the image’s original ext3 file system - instead, I need to deploy it on my other machine’s ext4 file system so that the partitions don’t get wiped. I’m a little bit new to this thing. Best way to accomplish this?


  • Fog can’t help you here, you’re going to have to manually do this.

    Best way is to boot both systems with live-boot media, mount both local disks to something like /mnt and then scp the contents of each mounted partition over to the new box.

    You’ll have to edit the new box’s /etc/fstab file to mount the partitions as ext4 instead of ext3

    No guarantees that will work, but it’ll for sure get the files moved.

    As long as whatever partition that has /boot on it is marked as bootable with fdisk then it ought to work.

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