• If you’ve already installed this, please re-pull the dev-branch and reinstall.

    I noticed a missed change during the zstd additions and corrected it in the latest update. This change would have accidentally failed to image pure pigz style images (which most of you have). This was not a problem with the code in the init’s (directly), but because the imgFormat being sent from the GUI side was not setting the field as expected.

  • @loosus456 It was simple to integrate, and I’m still refining a bit.

    I found that I was not using the “parallel” compression mechanism and this made things look a lot slower than they actually were. I did not realize pzstd was needed.

    That said, I’ve tested both upload and download, and with multiple different compression levels and even tested the “split” file methods and all are working properly.

  • @Tom-Elliott How confident are you in it for production systems once this RC hits RTM? My gut feeling would be that it’s not ready, since my understanding is that this literally didn’t exist in FOG 24 hours ago. But then again, I’m asking you because you’re the expert.

    Maybe it was simpler to implement than I’m imagining.

  • @Wayne-Workman I don’t understand the question.

    It’s available. You can set it in 1.3.5 RC 9. The default is still PIGZ, but of course users can make their own decisions.

  • So do the new inits use the new compression or is it just available for tinkering?