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    I have old version of FOG running and my mention was to update ALL.
    New one is running just fine,but…
    In my old version I was save my live .ISO image to boot folder and configure Boot text file to jump to that if choosen from PXE menu.

    But now I am currently lost with new version, where is the boot initialise file and how to add .ISO live disk image to my boot file.

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    @ukke Again, fog 1.2.0 is 4 years old.

    If you want/need to support Win10, GPT formatted disks, UEFI firmware, or NVMe (M.2) drives then you will want to be on FOG 1.3.x. As a caveat, I do have to say that FOG 1.3.4 has a but when upgrading from 1.2.0. You should have better success upgrading to 1.3.5-RC6 or higher. Or wait until 1.3.5 is released.

    You can use 1.2.0 but you will have to manually build the menu.

  • @george1421


    I have version 1.2.0 and there is only one Texbox with test: “Add here any custom you would like to include”…
    So I guess I just have to update my server again?

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    First of all Welcome to the FOG Forums.

    Second, the new version of FOG (1.3.x) make it much easier to manage the FOG iPXE menu. This is now done through the FOG Configuration part. There is a section for iPXE menu management.

    As for the iso images there are many success stories of how to implement this. I wrote a tutorial on how to pxe boot into a Windows MDT ISO image. The concept is similar to what you want. https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/6284/booting-mdt-2013-litetouch-with-fog

    Here is also the FOG Wiki page that discusses this topic: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Include_any_ISO_in_the_FOG_Bootmenu

    There are many other examples of how to specifically boot other iso and utilities with FOG in the forum. Can you tell us exactly what you are trying to boot via an iso image?