Fog 1.3.5 RC5 + HP EliteBook 820 G3 + efi : Pb init.xz

  • Fog 1.3.5 RC5
    HP EliteBook 820 G3


    When i try to “perform full host registration” :
    bzImage is ok
    init.xz returns to the menu.

    I also have a warning during the initialization of the network


  • Yes the firmware is up to date.
    Bios N75 Ver 01.13 11/01/2016

  • Moderator

    Is the firmware up to date on this system?

    I can say the snponly.efi uses the built in driver in the network adapter over iPXE drivers. Its roughly equivalent to the undionly.kpxe driver for legacy (bios) mode. I can understand if the nic adapter isn’t supported directly by ipxe.efi why this kernel works.

  • This works with snponly.efi

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