• Hello I was wondering if you all had dance practice to help me and my efforts image a hard drive that has bad sectors. I have a hard drive that is dying and I want to take an image of the hard drive and put it on the new hard drive it has bad sectors the old hard drive. What should I watch out for or should I just start from scratch with a brand new image?

  • Thank you

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    Just as Tom said I’d also suggest creating a fresh one. Probably costs you less time and nerves. But if you are keen to give it a go I’d suggest doing this “by hand” instead of using FOG just in this particular case. While we use partclone in FOG I am sure there are other tools available that are good at retrying bad sectors over and over till data can be read. Here are some basic instructions from someone who tried it using clonezilla which in fact also uses partclone. But this way you can use special options as you like - options that we don’t use in FOG.

  • I’d say start fresh. While it is technically possible to capture an image of that type it would not be recommended