UNSOLVED Fresh Install FOG 1.3.4 white / blank Management Site

  • Hi,
    it was my first try to install the Fog Server, i am realy new with Linux and have no experience with it or FOG.
    If i install the FOG 1.3.4 i have to call http://localhost/fog/management to create the Database.
    But i get a white / blanke Website, nothing works.
    I try the Apache Startpage it is running there is no Problem.

    I try the Installation on a fresh installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and on Ubuntu 14.05 LTS only SSH Server choiced but always the same Problem.
    I have try the installation twice with 16.04 and 14.05 always a fresh Ubuntu installation. Nothing works.

    Now i have try to install the FOG 1.3.3 on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or 14.05 LTS with the same Parameters there is no Problem.
    The first try installation from the FOG Server runs.

    I dont understand what is the Problem with the 1.3.4 and how can i solve this?

    Someone can help me please?
    I have two Questions too, how can i set a mysql password and install phpmyandmin bevor installing FOG?

    Many Thanks for Help me

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    @MotD If you’re trying to set a password you can do it right from the installer with:

    snmysqlpass='SomePasswordHere' ./installfog.sh -y

  • No i get it!

    I change the root password for mysql:
    mysqladmin -u root password ‘mynewpassword’

    Then i chance the File config.class.php locatet in /var/www/fog/lib/fog/ at this line:
    But it works not.

    Now i change the File .fogsettings located in /opt/fog at this line:
    But it works not.

    Now i install the Fog 1.3.4 again…
    And now it works with a mysql password 🙂

    Ok its a terrible way and bad and and and…
    But i get it by my own! 😄

    The last Question is if there any Problems with this Workaround in Future?
    Or can i start to use my FOG Server?

  • @Schubi
    I try the Hints from the Link about Firewall and other. all looks good.

    I dont know if there result any Problems about this way but now it runs.
    I have a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 and installed the FOG 1.3.3 and it works.
    Now i install the Fog 1.3.4 and it works too!
    The Management Website works, and it is Version 1.3.4

    I dont have made any Changes only installd Version 1.3.4 over a working 1.3.3 Version.
    Can someone tell me this Workaround works without Problems in Future?
    Or is there something in Background, i dont see / know and i have Problems when i use the Server for his work?


  • This post is deleted!

  • Same problem is described here:
    I also have this problem - 1.3.3 on ubuntu 16 and VMWare works with no problems.

    I’m sorry i can’t answer your questions - just a beginner in linux:-)