• I don’t know if such a beast already exists on the furthest update revision, if this has been asked for, or if it’s been deemed impossible, or if it’s even in development (I didn’t see anything when looking for this similar topic on the forums). Quick and full image setup is great, don’t get me wrong; however, could there be an option when on the image edit page for placing something in a group?

    Like this page:
    Except there is another option to set it in a group; which will expunge all other groups it’s associated to.

    If you have a computer in HR and are transferring it to IT, then apply the IT image and it deletes the computer from the HR group and places it in the IT group.

    Of course, there is an empty option, like an switch-check-box that when checked will do nothing and only image the computer - it won’t expunge the computer from a group, nor put it in one.

    Edit: As I read over this, I should specify:

    This will not change new clients; full inventory/quick inventory will still need to be done because the computer is not in the FOG database yet - this would be more of just shifting computers that are currently in the database around. It’s more of a touch-less reconfiguration/edit, I guess.

  • Alright, I’ll look into that.

    Thanks, guys!

  • Senior Developer

    As @Wayne-Workman has recommended, your thought process might work using the group persistent plugin. The method of approach would be a bit backwards in what it is I think you’re trying to achieve.

    If it were up to me, I’d have a group for the “places” you need to move systems to/from. Rather than change the image and it move the host in/out of a group, you change the group the host is within.

    The way I’m thinking of it, if “images” moved hosts, out of groups, you have potential mess on your hands. Because you don’t know how/why something moved/changed/removed from one element or another. This is because you have “three” methods to move the host in and out of groups under this method:

    1. Hosts can choose which groups they are in.
    2. Groups can change which hosts are in them.
    3. Images choose which groups a host belongs in.

    This can lead to some heavy confusion (at least how I’m thinking of it).

    The persistent group plugin would work in much the same way as you’re requesting, but not at the hands of the image association. If you’re in the host to change the image, you’re in the host and can just as easily change the group.

  • Look into the persistent groups plugin, it will do what you are wanting. You first must enable fog’s plugin system which can be found in FOG Configuration -> FOG Settings. There are forums threads about the persistent groups plugin. It was authored by @george1421

    However, I would strongly advise not thinking of or treating FOG groups like active directory OUs or Security Groups - they are not the same thing. You wouldn’t treat a horse like you would a dog, horseshoes are made for hooves, not paws… The way FOG Groups function by default allows for very powerful administration of large numbers of systems - just realize the groups apply settings to the hosts within the group one-time, and not to the group object itself. It puts you in total control. Nothing is automatic, nothing happens without you explicitly willing it to happen.