UNSOLVED FOG backup script, NICE! FOG restore script?

  • Hi all,

    The wiki has a nice article on how to backup a FOG machine: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Backing_up_FOG

    It tells us about a wonderful script:


    to backup every thing. NICE!

    But… now I want to move from that flimsy old test machine to a production server. I have my fog backups stored somewhere, now what? how do I restore these backups?


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  • Hi Tom!

    thanks for the response.
    I understand what the backup script does (just not exactly how it does it). I take these backups from the fogserver using sftp and store them in our backup system.

    I, and likely others like me, simply do not have the experience to know what to do with these separate items in a backup.
    I’m sure I should copy the images somewhere, somehow restore the database, etc. But I lack the knowledge of how and what exactly. I could of course make that my question: “How do I restore?”

    A restore a utility would be very welcome. It would seem that since the backup script knows where to find the sources to backup, an inverse script that knows where to restore should be doable indeed.

    But for now (so I can finish this job) could you describe how to manually restore the backups?

    Thank you so much!


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    The backup script is intended to give you the backup of the data you need. What you do with it at that point is up to you. It’s not a “backup” in the sense of a utility that can simply restore it over to a new machine, it’s more intended to give you a localized backup that you would put on an external HDD or USB. You would then take that hdd and put it on another system.

    After it’s on the other system, if that’s going to be the one you’re using fog on next, you would have to place the files where they’re intended to go. Where that is, I don’t know.

    Creating a restore utility can be done and it can be done relatively easily. But all the utility would be doing is asking you where and what you’re trying to restore. This would be little different to what you could do manually.