SOLVED Task Stuck in Queued State

  • I’m running FOG Server version 1.3.3 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

    I created a new snapin and associated it with a group, which had hosts assigned to it. I then created a task to deploy the snapin which shows up in the task log.
    However, after the task is created it sits in the queued state and doesn’t seem to do anything.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.

  • Thank you for your assistance. I did not realize at first that I had to have the FOG client installed on the endpoint, which makes a lot of sense in retrospect. I installed the client and everything is working properly. You can go ahead and close this thread.

  • A few things.

    Is the FOG Client installed on the target system? Which version of the FOG Client? You can see if it’s installed by looking in Programs and Features on the individual host. More importantly, you should look at the individual host’s fog.log file, typically located here: C:\fog.log Look through that and post what you find. Also you may try resetting the host’s encryption. This is done on the individual host, it’s a big button at the top of the host’s general area in the FOG Web Interface - this can also be done en-mass via groups.

    Also - when you say “it doesn’t seem to do anything”, does it say running in task management? Does it say queued? Does it say Checked In? This does matter.

    Also, I’d recommend moving to FOG 1.3.4, this is the latest release.