• So our 755 lab imaged well with Fog, no issues. Went to prepare our 760 lab to PXE boot, and found it freezes after it acquires the data from the fog server. Some research told me that an older kernel worked on this model for other people, but the newer kernel wouldn’t. I found the working kernel file, now I need to figure out how to swap it out on the fog server.

    So, where do I need to put this kernel for it to send out to the PXE booting machines? I figure I’ll use this kernel to get the imaging process done on this lab, and then shut off PXE boot on them afterwards, and go back to the newer kernel.

  • In the /tftpboot/fog/kernel folder resides the default kernel, it is called bzImage, this is the kernel the fog boot menu uses as I think that is hard coded in fog. If you cannot get your computers to register you will need to replace the current bzImage kernel, which according to Google is kernel version 3.2.4, with a kernel that allows you to complete the registration process. In order for your new kernel to work for the registration process it will have to be named bzImage.
    So you will need to replace the default kernel with the kernel that works.
    My suggestion is to use the GUI interface and find the kernel you need and download and install from there. Its the quickest and easiest way for me to do it.

  • No, I have the working kernel that needs to be swapped out, but is the bz_image file something separate? Or is that part of the kernel?

  • That is a wee bit of trial and error there, I have a lab that has 14 740’s and 11 330’s I have found several kernels that work with the 330’s but only one that works with the 740’s. the 740’s seem to work pretty well using the PS kernel. you might try that as a starting point then work your way forward or backward in the kernel list from there.

    You will want to rename the new kernel to bzImage, so that it becomes the default kernel if you are having issues during the registration process.

  • Yup, I need to register hosts that are Dell Optiplex 760 models. So, what would I be replacing the bzImage file with?

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    If you need to change kernels so you can register hosts, you have to replace the bzImage file in /tftpboot/fog/kernel.

    If you need to use a specific kernel for tasks you create or schedule using the Fog WebUI, then you can name it something other than bzImage and specify a custom kernel in the host or group kernel information.

    [B]All tasks run from the Fog boot menu use the default bzImage kernel because that is hard coded into the menu file.[/B]


  • your kernel should reside in the /tftpboot/fog/kernel directory.

    I am not sure if you are using a custom kernel or one that has been downloaded from the kernel repository. From the FOG web interface you can go to the other information screen and select Kernel Updates from the list on the left side and it will bring up a list of all available kernels, and when you click the download ICON for a specific kernel it will ask if you want to change its name from the default kernel image of bzImage to something else and download the kernel to the proper directory.

    If you name it something different you can add that kernel name to your host profile and have specific hosts boot from that kernel.

  • btw using fog 0.32 and ubuntu 10.04