No Kernels Listed Under Kernel Update

    • FOG Version: 3
      I am very new to FOG configuration. I have used it for imaging for years, but we always had someone else as administrator. I am trying to get an image of an HP ProBook 650 G2 and the process stops at Fast TSC Calibration Failed. My research indicates that we probably need to update the kernel we are using. I found instructions to do this, but when I go to Kernel Update, there are no Kernels listed. How can I correct this? Am I on the right track with my issue? We were able to get an image of the HP ProBook 650 G1 fine. Thanks for any help you can give!

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  • Senior Developer

    To add on, if your fogserver cannot access the internet, the page will be blank because it has no way to access the kernels.

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    First of all, lets make sure what version you are running. FOG version 3 is not a current version.

    Your options are:

    If I remember right this is an old error that may have been addressed.

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