'Login History' Report - problem with username filter is showing only 1 hostname

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.2 (SVN Revision: 6055)
    • OS: Arch Linux (64bits) Kernel: 4.8.13-1-ARCH
    • Service Version: 0.11.8
    • OS: Windows 10 Professional x64

    When I want to make a report via “Report Management” and then click on “Login History” for a specific user, its only using 1 hostname where the user has logged in (according to the MySQL database the user has 2 host where he had logged in).

    I found the lines that is causing this problem, because its only loading the hostname 1 time and after that its not loading the hostname agian.
    File information:

    • Filename: reportmanagementpage.class.php
    • Location: Webserver: lib/pages (Github: packages/web/lib/pages/reportmanagementpage.class.php)
    • Line: 1346 - 1349
    • Line script: if (!$Host->isValid()) {
      $Host = new Host($User->get(‘hostID’));

    This line should be “$Host = new Host($User->get(‘hostID’));”, otherwhise it will load the hostname 1 time and will use the same hostname on the other lines, and its not loading the correct hostname for that line.

  • Senior Developer

    Fixed for the working 1.3.3 branch.

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