UNSOLVED Failed to enable SMBus PCI device (-1)

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    • FOG Version: 1.2.0
    • OS: Apache2 Ubuntu
    • Service Version:
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    When pushing an image to a Dell 5550, I get this error, during the boot:
    i801_smbus 0000 :00 :1f.3 : Failed to enable SMBus PCI device (-1)

    Populating /dev using udev : udevd(2298) : error creating epoll fd : Functionnot implemented

    I’ve compared the Bios with another functional 5550, they are 100% alike.

    We have many of these Dell 5550 and never got this error before.

    Tried to swap the HD to another Dell 5550, and impossible to push the image.

    how can I get around this problem?

    Thank you for yoru concern.


  • To me this sounds like a partition layout issue.

    The messages from the kernel appear to me to be informative, not show stopping. These messages were always present in 1.2.0 kernels iirc. What exactly is happening when you try to capture?

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    Is this a regular hard drive?

  • @george1421 We’ll upgrade to 1.3.2 and see… Tks!

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    Interesting, this is basically saying the linux kernel can see the hardware but it can’t configure it.

    What kernel are you using for the FOS engine (bzImage). You may need to update to the lastest kernel for FOG 1.2.0 or upgrade to FOG 1.3.2 to get the latest hardware support (including gpt format, nvme disks, and native Win10 support).