Add support for Rescue Imaging (force and rescue partclone options) / Image Management (web UI)

  • Support for Rescue Imaging (force and rescue partclone.dd options) will be great, so you can generate Rescue Images from failing harddrives (or corrupted FS) for posterior analisys (ex. testdisk / photorec processing)

    I propose add this option in Image Management (as image type, maybe RAW RESCUE??) or in Create Capture task as additional option.

    Why in Create Capture task? Figure you try to Image capture a server and it fails because there is a Phisical Hard Disk problem, after that, you could create another capture task with RAW Recue (to keep reading after disk read error) and send it to affected server without change image definition…

    NOTE: Adding a Warning for this option will be nice, something like: “Rescue Images are intended for Corrupted FS or Physically Failing Disks (it forces continue reading after disk read errors). This process may be SLOW and may GENERATE AN INCONSISTENT IMAGE!!!”

  • I like it.