FOG Client Using 32 Mb opf RAM?

  • I was testing outthe FOg client for renaming and joining my computers to the domain after an image. I noticed it was using 32 Mb or RAM when it was just sitting there. It is only set to rename the computer, log loggins, and check for tasks.

    Is that normal and is there any way to get the memoery usage down? About half my computers only have 512 ram so losing that much to the FOG service and tray is a big hit.

  • i should have the same .net installed on both the XP and 7 but they could be handling it in different ways. Stopping on the low memory computers after image is probaly the way I’ll hadle it.

  • Once your systems are imaged, you could go in and shut down the service so that it is no longer running

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    I think the Fog client is a .Net program. On Windows 7, it’s using .Net 3.5 or above. Maybe on older versions of windows it’s using an older version of .Net that is less memory efficient.

    The important part of the memory usage is the memory - non-paged pool, because that is memory the Fog client is not able to page out to disk when it’s not in use.

  • Yes, I disabling all of the extra services on the client and the server. All of that may have saved a couple of Mb but it is hard to tell since the amount varies over time by a several Mb.

    The part that really gets me is it only takes up 6 Mb under Windows 7.

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    When you install the Fog client, did you disable all the other features that you don’t use like the screen resolution, user clean, directory cleanup etc?