• Hi,
    It wouild be useful to have a supervision of the installed clients on the admin panel, to see if the client is installed on a pc, and perhaps the time of the last check, with possibility to sort by time. If the client is deployed by GPO, it’s not possible to know easily if the client is really installed on all the pc, if the service have a problem to start

  • I like this idea.

    Last checkin date (if any)
    and three statuses: No Client, Attempting Checkin, and Client working.

    The statuses would come from if the client authenticates successfully or not. An attempt would at least let you know it’s trying.

    This stuff can be two extra columns in the hosts database. last checkin date and fog client status. Those two extra things can be displayed in “List all hosts” and sorted.

    @Tom-Elliott I’m not pressing hard saying we need this, I’m just saying it would be pretty nice.