New user - trying to DEPLOY XP image to virtualbox

  • I got my FOGSERVER setup, I successfully uploaded a WINXP image from an older DELL Optiplex to the FOG Server.
    I create my VBOX host in FOGSERVER, and it is pingable from the FOGSERVER. I then start my VM in VirtualBox, it boots from the NIC, but when it comes to the part of DEPLOYING the IMAGE, it starts 1 sec, 2sec, 3 secs…on and on and on…

    I have played around with some VBOX settings, but I can’t seem to get past this.

    A couple of screen shots are attached.

    Any advice would be appreciated.



  • @Phil,
    Even easier than creating a new kernel, in the VirtualBox settings, create an IDE HDD.
    Settings > Storage > ‘right click’ IDE Controller > Add HardDisk
    Fog should recognize and deploy to this drive just fine for you… also make sure network settings are ‘bridged’

  • @Phillip
    Hey Phil had a similar issue. The VirtualBox disks are SCSI devices and FOG is setup for IDE by default (I believe) - check into creating a new kernel editing the existing one to conform with SCSI support.

  • Moderator

    Are you getting a message on the client about the queue being full and having to wait for a slot to open up? I’m looking at the screenshots, the first one with the warnings during startup looks normal. The second one looks like it’s waiting on a queue slot to open up on the Fog server.