UNSOLVED Images not deploying after 1.3.1 upgrade. Error messages below

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    Getting error messages when trying to image, I’ll post them below. It won’t let me deploy any of my images for some reason. It gets stuck on attempting to send inventory then the blue screen comes up like it’s going to image but it errors out. I’ll post screenshots below. Any help would be great as I really need to deploy some images.

    0_1483567440418_IMG_1972 (1).JPG

    0_1483567451101_IMG_1973 (1).JPG

    0_1483567458061_IMG_1974 (1).JPG

    0_1483567464487_IMG_1976 (1).JPG

    0_1483567469948_IMG_1975 (1).JPG

  • The error in the 3rd photo says (paraphrasing) that you’re trying to put a 240GB image onto a 120GB disk, that won’t work. There are a few ways to solve that issue. My recommendation is to deploy the image to a disk that is 240GB or larger and then create a new image in FOG and set it as resizable, and then capture the image you just deployed. This way you have a resizable image that will fit on a smaller disk than what it came from. In addition to that benefit, the image would also expand to use all space available on a larger disk than what it came from.

    For the other errors, they are weird. Not sure what’s going on there. It would behoove of you to share what OS you’re running fog on. Also, check how much free space you have available on your server with df -h. In the output from that command, look for partitions with 99% or 100% usage - if you see that, that’s bad. If you see that and need help with it, just ask here.