FOG loses connection to the database, then reconnects at random.

  • Servers
    • FOG Version: 1.3.0 Stable
    • FOG Node Version: 1.3.0 RC-37
    • OS: Debian 8.6

    FOG server is losing connection to the database as far as I can tell.

    This is partially my fault. I saw a note that mysqlpass was set to blank by default on the 1.3.0 installer now, so I thought when I upgraded that was what was causing my FOG node to have a database issue, so I cut the password out and saved it, which made it disappear. I put the password it had saved back in and it seemed to fix it for a little bit, then it went back out.

    I’m really hoping that I can salvage what I have here.

    0_1483478829554_2017-01-03 16_26_46-Dashboard _ Dashboard _ FOG _ Open Source Computer Cloning Solution.png

    My CPU usage is sitting around 30-40% while the FOG server isn’t doing anything.

    edit: it’s back. I didn’t do anything. I’ll go away here soon though.

    0_1483479324876_2017-01-03 16_34_46-Dashboard _ Dashboard _ FOG _ Open Source Computer Cloning Solution.png

  • @Wayne-Workman So far so good. I think this might have done it. Two birds with one stone.

    Thanks Wayne. I’ll write on here if it ends up breaking again. :)

  • Moderator

    In the first picture you posted, Typically that is what happens when the timeout is reached. Log out and back in and it’s fixed. This happens to me all the time, I can almost guarantee it’s the timeout.

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