Deploy stops at just over a hundred MB

  • Hello,

    We have been using FOG for some time now and have recently experienced a problem where image deployment is hanging, or at least slowing down to an extremely slow rate.

    Uploading images is fine. I have changed the network hardware, attempted to deploy a new image as well as one known to be working previously and also attempted to deploy to different hardware. I have also attempted to upgrade and downgrade the kernel.

    I have recorded the problem on a video (I am sorry it is a little shakey!) and made it available on youtube - I hope this is within the rules. The problem can be seen here:


    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

    Joseph Burge.

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    I think we’ve moved the troubleshooting to the thread over in the Technical Help forums and abandoned this one in the Developer forums.

  • Have you tried updating the kernel?

  • I’m actually having the same exact problem myself. My thread and previous discussion can be found here:


  • I took some advice from another thread that went Un-answered. I am able to Put that same single machine into a Group and I can multicast the image to it…

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • I am actually experiancing this same problem at another Site… Slightly Different, I am trying to Deploy Windows 7 on Hardware that I have imaged before… It Processes the First Partition as normal, Starts Partition #2 and Literally stops at 65.20 MB or at 2-4 seconds…

    I havent touched my fog server in about a month but I used it to Multicast all my labs. now im trying to Unicast my Classrooms and the same as above happens…

    Ive changed Patch Coords/Switch Port and also reset the switches… Anyone else have a fix for this?