Inconsistent task deployment

  • Folks - I have noticed that when you deploy tasks from the host management or group management pages, fog gives you a chance to reconsider, saying, “Are you sure you wish to deploy task to these machines?”. When you deploy a task from the task management page there is no such warning - the task just starts.

    Is that by design, or an oversight? Am I missing something?

    Yesterday I started a deploy on a group when I really wanted a multicast, and realized that it never allowed me to back out.

    I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and am on the latest trunk version. Well, latest as as of a couple of days ago. Things move pretty quickly these days!

  • I personally only create tasks from the host management and group management area.

    But, there are a whole lot of ways to start tasks.

  • @Tom-Elliott
    I just need to make a habit of never starting a task from that page I guess. When I use fog, it’s usually before the coffee kicks in and I am a little bleary-eyed.

  • @LibraryMark The Task Management page List all hosts/List all groups are not designed for actual checks and balances (nor have they ever been). These items on the task page were intended to be “quick” items. Less questions, just do the thing we want.

    I have often thought of just removing them but I think there are enough people working with them that it makes sense to keep it at this point.

  • @Tom-Elliott

    Fruitless of mistakes? Well, shoot - I make a lot of them! If it were up to me, I would like them both to behave in a consistent manor, but I am no fog expert by any means.

    Thanks for all your efforts! Wonderful software!

  • From the task management page, this is by design. The idea of it being, things done from the Task Page are intended to be “quick” and fruitless of mistakes.