• Hello,
    first off let me start by saying over the last few days I have combed through the forums, wikis, and web and still at a loss.

    I would like to:
    Isolated system (however the dedicated laptop does have a wireless card connected to a real network)
    Run a dedicated Dell e6410 laptop and multicast images to other Dell laptops (D6x0 and E6xxx models)
    Capture images from these laptops
    Run the most current version of FOG and Ubuntu (if possible)

    I have tried installing and following tutorials from Ubuntu 8.10 through 12.04 using 32 and 64bit. My problem is the same, the computer I want to image will not load FOG’s boot via PXE.

    This could be because I may have the the network settings incorrect or as I read through posts there could be an issue with the network card in either of the two units. I have limited knowledge of Ubuntu and am thinking I would like to try Ubuntu 12.04 and the KS kernel. As I understand it the KS kernel supposedly has most if not all drivers out there. My concern is since this is Ubuntu 12.04, will there be any issues upgrading this?

    I am looking for some guidance as to what IP, DNS, DHCP settings to use and what version software shoudl I use to make this work with the Dell E65x0 series computers…

    Any and all help is appreciated…


  • Moderator

    If the fog server is outside of the virtual environment, you have to bridge the card of the virtual machine so it is accessible/visible by computers other than your VM host.

  • I believe that I figured out my issue with setting up the network. Through various tutorials I have now established on a closed network it is critical to set the network card up prior to installing FOG. I am now going to try and attempt to create a VM, as I would prefer to run this from a VM. I did read that it is critical to bridge the card.

    Any other suggestions when working with VMWare?

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    Please clarify for me where exactly your failure happens. Is it when loading the pxelinux.0 file, or when it tries to load the Fog menu, or when you try to register a client, or when you try to upload or deploy a client?