New script to update FOG Server's IP address


    So, wrote a script that changes a fog server’s IP address for you - including updating DHCP configurations on the local server too, if it’s marked inside of .fogsettings.

    Also - this script supports configuring up to 4 network interfaces, I thought coding for more than 4 would be excessive.

    The script also supports multi-homed FOG Servers. Meaning you can have 2 or 3 or 4 NICs all on totally different networks, the script will just ask you which one you want to use, and it’ll configure the server and DHCP appropriately including empty DHCP configurations for the non-chosen networks.

    The script fully respects /opt/fog/.fogsettings fields for bldhcp, dodhcp, and bootfilename fully.

    It purposely does not respect startrange, endrange,submask,ipaddress,plainrouter,routeraddress,dnsaddress. These values get updated based on the actual configuration of the only/chosen NIC.

    How to use

    Update your IP address, dns address, router address, and submask according to your distribution’s instructions. Clone the fog-community-scripts repository, navigate to the updateIP directory, then simply run ./updateIP