• Hi,

    As part of our re-imaging process, we securely wipe the hard drive from a computer before we re-image it. It would be great if we could boot from PXE and select “Wipe and Re-image” and it perform a disk wipe first, then when this is finished, perform a quick image.

    Is this something that could be done by creating a file inside the init.gz file? If so, please could someone give me some advice on how to modify either the wipe, or the quick image script to allow this, or indeed, create a new script?



  • Moderator

    I believe you can only schedule regular task per host right now. You can schedule a “run now” task to wipe the disk, and schedule a 1 time scheduled task to re-image the machine in a few hours. That gets you there, but not very elegantly.

    If you are saavy, can you try making an addition to the Fog scripts in the init image to handle a disk wipe and re-image task and then modify the Fog menu to add that option, passing in all the parameters needed. Just keep a backup copy of the original files and your modified versions for when you want to upgrade Fog versions.

  • FWIW, you could schedule a Disk Wipe and then an image deployment from the FOG manager.