No dhcp for JMicron GB Ethernet-Card

  • Hello everybody,
    i’m new in this nice forum and -just wonder- i need your help.
    My system:
    Fog 1.3.0 - RC-28
    Running on Dell Latitude with Ubuntu 16.04
    So far so good, my other Dell Lat becomes an ip-adress and is registered
    at the Fog-Server.
    But my Shuttle XV35 with a JMicron (JMC25X) networkcard receives no ip-adress, errormessage is, that no dhcp-offers where received.

    Thank’s in advance for your help
    Best regards

  • The Shuttle-Bios doesn’t have these features.
    The Dell-Bios is running in Legacy-Mode.

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    @fogthepog Please use the same cable, same network port for your test.

    Looking in a different direction, is the shuttle a uefi or bios (legacy) firmware? If it is uefi is the network stack (ipv4) enabled?

  • Puh, it is not the cable…
    i’ve tried another one and it doesn’t work.

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    @fogthepog Well that’s a bit interesting.

    The dell pcap is perfect. If you look at it with wireshark, there is a discover, offer, request, ack, tftp file transfer of undionly. As said perfect.

    The shuttle pcap is a bit interesting since there is zero (0) packets captured. The FOG/dhcp server is not seeing anything from the shuttle. It not that the dhcp server is ignoring the request, its not even seeing the dhcp discover (initial message from the target computer). Are you using the same cable for the Dell and Shuttle? (I’m just tying to eliminate variables here, something strange is going on).

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    @fogthepog this is very strange if you are using ics-dhcp and it works for the dell but not for the shuttle.

    As for the nic version, I would say probably no.

    I think the next step is to capture a packet trace of what is going on during this initial communications between the target computer and the dhcp server.

    I want you to do the following if your dhcp server, fog server, and pxe booting clients are on the same subnet (broadcast domain):

    1. Install tcpdump on your fog server.
    2. Start tcpdump on your fog server with the following command sudo tcpdump -w dell.pcap port 67 or port 68 or port 69 or port 4011
    3. pxe boot the dell until you get to the fog menu.
    4. Press Ctrl-C on the tcpdump program.
    5. Restart the tcpdump program with the following command sudo tcpdump -w shuttle.pcap port 67 or port 68 or port 69 or port 4011
    6. PXE boot the shuttle until you receive the error.
    7. Press Ctrl-C on the tcpdump program.
    8. Post both pcaps here for review (or you can review with wireshark [if you know it] and compare the two different pcap files).

  • Hi,

    The Fog-server provides the dhcp-service.

    When i start the Shuttle with Windows7, it becomes a ip-adress from Ubuntu.

    Is there a problem with the nic or version of pxe-boot?
    Shuttle: Intel Undi PXE 2.0
    Dell : Broadcom Undi PXE 2.1 V11.4.1


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    What is providing dhcp services for your network where the shuttle and jmicron systems are installed? Basically the error says that there were no dhcp servers on the same subnet (broadcast domain) as these devices. Its strange that a Dell Latitude plugged into the same switch port and it works.