Please help - Restoring image from external hard drive

  • Hi,
    Okay, I installed FOG and took an image of a computer. After doing this, I installed another storage node, it being an external hard drive. The replication service did its job and after the external hard drive had the same files on it, I disabled the default node and made the external hard drive the master node. I’m trying to deploy an image (uni-cast) but I keep getting errors. It boots into pxe properly, but then says:
    [SIZE=3] mount: IPAddressofExternalHardDrive:/fogstorage/ on /images failed: Bad File Descriptor[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3] * Checking queue …done[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]* Mounting File System …failed[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3] mount: [/SIZE][SIZE=3]IPAddressofExternalHardDrive:[/SIZE][SIZE=3]/fogstorage/ failed, reason given by server: Permission Denied[/SIZE]

    I have gone through these forums forwards and backwards and nothing I do even changes the error. HELP PLEASE!![SIZE=3][/SIZE]

  • Developer

    What is the “external hard drive” ? Is it a stand alone NAS or plugged into another computer? I’m confused.

    You need to make sure the “Storage Node” allows annon access to it’s ‘/fogstorage’ NFS share.

    The error ‘Permission Denied’ tells you straight away that it does not have access to that share.

    Try booting into debug mode and manually mounting the NFS Share
    Read this: [url][/url]