Using Fog in multi-gateway/scope environment

  • I work for a school district and right now I have my Fog server setup as standalone and imaging a large quantity of laptops. I am doing it this way because we have to have over 1000 laptops imaged before the end of summer before the kids come back to school…at which point I will reconfigure the Fog settings and have it use our DHCP server on our network. We have 5 different campuses…all are on the same subnet mask but different gateway/ip scope. Example: High School is on a - range, Junior High is on a - range. Will Fog work when needing to send an image from one gateway/ip scope to another? If this will work it will help me on the road to keeping an accurate digital inventory through MAC addressing among all other things.

  • Moderator

    Yes, it should work without issue IF you have your network configured properly. Fog works just fine for multiple subnets, even with ProxyDHCP (with minor modifications to base config).

    The thing that may trip you up is making sure your layer 3 devices forward dhcp broadcasts from the subnet of the client to the subnet of the DHCP server. Which, should already be setup if you can get a DHCP address on a client in a different subnet.