• I uploaded an image to the server from one of my Lenovo machines. It was done successfully… Then I tried to deploy the image to a different Lenovo computer. The computer registered. It goes through the motions as if it will image the machine but then stops. I have included pics for more understanding what is happening. Deploy image just keeps restarting and will not complete successful

    5_1479406420866_161116_042207_20.jpg 4_1479406420866_161116_042208_22.jpg 3_1479406420864_161116_042208_21.jpg 2_1479406420864_161116_042208_24.jpg 1_1479406420862_161116_042208_23.jpg 0_1479406420861_161116_042208_25.jpg .

  • @cnkpadobi said in Issues Deploying an Image:

    Should I upgrade also the latest Ubutu 16.04

    No, I wouldn’t. Unless you have nothing to loose.

    I recommend that new server builds - if you’re going to use Ubuntu - use the latest LTS version which is 16.04.

    But, FOG 1.3.0 Release Candidate will run on Ubuntu 14.04.

  • Hello

    Ok I will try to upgrade… Should I upgrade also the latest Ubutu 16.04 is there any issues with Ubutu and FOG

  • –EDIT

    This happens on 1.2.0 when the disk is blank I believe.

    FOG 1.3.0 Release Candidate doesn’t have this issue.