• Hi, we recently bought Hp Prodesk 400 G3 with SSD drive, I change the BIOS to legacy mode to install Windows 7 OS. When I try to deploy an image from the server, the task running but end without writing anything on disk and reboot like they finished the job. i run in debug mode and here is the result
    Looking for HDD done [hit enter]
    using /dev/sda
    Erasing MBR/GPT done [hit enter]
    restoring MBR done
    no extended partition done [hit enter]
    Checking Hard disk done
    need to hit enter 3 times
    changing hostname name done
    update database done [hit enter]
    and I return on command line.

    Does it means that he can’t see the HDD or it’s the image?
    the image that I want to push was made with 1.1.2, I upgraded the fog server to 1.2 to see if it’s help, Nothing change, even after make the post-installation on image (partimage instead of partclone)

    To support this PC did I need to upgrade to latest beta build?


  • Finally, with all you explanation it’s really my image who’s corrupt. I was able to recreate it with another PC with the fog version 1.2 and now I can deploy it on my HP Prodesk G3.

    Thanks for your time

  • @Tom-Elliott it’s a new bios, so I was thinking maybe it have difficulty with legacy mode. But I’ve just realize that with my change of partclone to partimage to partclone, it’s seems to srap my image. in the size of the image now it’s 0 on client and server column

  • @gchartrandCRL I don’t understand.

    Why are you changing BIOS?

    The problem, as you’re describing it, typically happens due to the image (the source you created the image from) had a larger hdd than the drive you’re trying to put it on.

    For example:

    If you created an image on a system that had a 500GB drive. If it was created with resizable and the used disk space was 60GB. You MUST have a drive with at least the space at it’s smallest point. (This is only relevant to resizable). If you try to put the image on a disk with only 50GB it will fail. If you try to put the image on a disk with 60GB, and it’s only 1 byte smaller it will fail. Typically it fails in the manner you’re describing for 1.2.0 (Any reason you aren’t going to the RC?)

    If you created an image on a system that had a 500GB drive and it was not created as a resizable image, you MUST have the receiving device have a 500GB drive as well. It doesn’t matter if the used space was only 1 MB in the case of non-resizable images.

    This isn’t enough though. Just having a 500GB drive to a 500GB drive does not mean they are the same. For example, a 500GB drive from Western digital might have 99.9999% the size as the original system the image came from.
    This will not work either.

  • @Tom-Elliott I will try to downgrade the BIOS, even a normal wipe seems to stuck in queue and Nothing happens.

  • @gchartrandCRL If the image was captured in 1.1.2 then the partclone format is 100% correct. If the image was created prior to 1.0.0 it will be partimage.

  • @george1421 I follow the instructions from https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Upgrade_to_1.x.x#Operating_System_Information section old image so I change the partclone image type to partimage.
    partimage doesn’t start

    If I try with another PC and another image, I follow the same process, change partclone to partimage, make a download task and partimage came and seems to make Something for a few second and after reboot, If I replace the type to partclone, the download task seems to works on the other PC.

    did we really need to set it to partimage instead of partclone?

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    @gchartrandCRL So as a test, can you capture an image with 1.2.0 and then turn around and deploy it back to the same system? Right now its not clear if the issue is using a 1.1.2 image on 1.2.0 or the target system.

    For myself I didn’t restart using fog until the 1.2.0 trunk line. I know somewhere they changing the imaging tool to partclone.

  • I typically see that if the image trying to be placed is larger than the disk it’s trying to place it on.

  • @george1421 no it’s doesn’t start at all. When I try to download the image, the last screen I see it checking hard drive, screen goes black 1 second and after that the update database status done is showed and the reboot task command is initiated

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    @gchartrandCRL All of that looks good.

    I can’t tell from your post, where is the error? Does partclone ever start?

  • The compatibily test is successfull, network and disk pass
    Here is the result of the two command


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    What happens if you run a system compatibility test?

    If you are still in the debug capture/deploy hit ctrl-C and drop to a command prompt in the FOS Engine. Then key in lsblk and fidsk -l and post the results here. This will tell us what FOG is seeing.

    FOS == Fog OS or the specialized linux OS that boots on the target computer to upload and download images.