Booting With EFI File to USB Ethernet Dongle

  • I am trying to create a USB Stick which will allow me to boot this ethernet dongle. .
    It seems that it’s driver is not part of the rom-o-matic 's “all drivers”.
    How would I go about putting the driver into the EFI file. I see on trendnets website that they have linux drivers?
    This will more than likely not be our final dongle to for imaging. However I have a feeling this issue will come up no matter what usb ethernet dongle we use.

  • Moderator

    We need more information. What model of computer you’re trying to use matters a whole lot. The version of fog that you’re using means even more. What steps are you following for the USB Stick, exactly?

    We can’t help you unless we know a whole lot more details.

  • Senior Developer

    Why do you think the dongle is not supported?

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