Fog server errors after disk runs out of space

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    I was testing Fog 1.2.0 on a Ubuntu 14.4 server that is running as a VM. I made a real bone head mistake in that the VM only had 40 GB of storage and when I created my first image I filled up the volume. I noticed this during the image creation in that at about 35% completion, the client restarted. I then attempted to access the FOG management console but received a generic “an error has occurred” on the browser. When I discovered what I had down I shutdown the server, increased the size of the volume and restarted the VM. Now when I attempt to access the FOG Management I receive a message that states among other things “Database Schema Installer/Updater …” . This seems to be the same message I received during the install. When I select the only option to “Install/Upgrade Now” the system returns a long list of errors.

    So it appears that I have caused great harm to the database and probably to the rest of the server as well. Is there an easy fix or is it best to trash the vm and start over?

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    @jmcg Yes, please create a new thread for it, it’s not too hard to do, though.

  • Bingo, that did the trick. Thank you for the quick reply and quick fix. Now I better create a volume specifically for images. Can you tell me how to change my FOG configuration so that the FOG system will put, store, access, and acknowledge images are on a different volume than the one the OS is running on? Should I start a new thread for this question since you solved my original question?

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    Do you have access to console/terminal?

    If so, navigate to /images/dev

    There you will see a folder, remove it and its contents.

    Reboot the server and you should be fine.