PXE Booting Hyper-V 2016

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    More of an FYI. PXE Booting a Hyper-V 2016 Generation 1 virtual machine with both Legacy Adapter and Network Adapter present fails with:

    PXE Network Boot 09.14.2011
    (C) Copyright 2011 Microsoft Corporation, All Rights Reserved.
    CLIENT MAC ADDR: 00 15 5D F4 0C 01 GUID: 7D4E1889-FA13-4662-BA48-2C84FBBF8965
    PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout

    If the Legacy Adapter is added into the VM as the second adapter, the VM PXE booting will pick up the IP on this second adapter but appears to be trying to tftp on the first adapter, the Network Adapter.

    Removing the Network Adapter or setting its virtual switch connection to ‘not connected’ fixes it.

    If all adapters are removed from the VM, then a Legacy Adapter is added/applied first, followed by a Network Adapter second, PXE booting works as intended.

  • Wow … that one almost got lost to the mists of time.

    Yes. An update.

    I don’t remember precisely when, but I think it was soon after I made this initial post that it started working again.

    Regardless, I’m currently running 1.4.0-RC-4 and I just tested on both types of VMs for this reply and they work.

    Gen1 (Legacy) picks up undionly.kpxe and Gen2 (UEFI) pulls down ipxe.efi on Hyper-V 2016 VMs .

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    @x23piracy About what? Multiple adapters?

  • Kewl …

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    There created a new category under Technical Help for those problems kind of like this.

  • Yah … I need more caffeine.

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    This sounds like a problem with how Hyper-V is attempting to PXE boot, not something FOG can provide any help with.

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