"Job not found for MAC address" when booting to network card

  • We deleted all hosts from our server (running .30 and Ubuntu 10.10)), restarted the server, and now when the dhcp is on and you boot the host to the network card, it says “Job not found for MAC address” instead of the prompt to perform registration. Help!! I work for a school and we are at a screeching halt until we get this fixed.


    we have 2 fog servers. I started this job on the other server (.32 on ubuntu 11.04) and the image computer took the actual host name we registered it to. the other 5 computers we are trying to deploy to are catching the MAC address as the name. so it would look as though we have two problems in one

  • I was unaware of that. We have more imaging on tap. I will check that. Thanks!!

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    Have you checked /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/ to see if any file other than “default” is present?

    Also check your MySQL database to see if any tasks are still hung in the database.

  • I see this, too but not on a grand scale. Usually, right after I image a classroom, maybe 25% of the computers will do that for the next day or two then stop. I did check the active tasks and (of course) nothing is there. I even tried rebooting my fog server to kill any process that might be stuck (didn’t help). So, I am interested if anyone has any thoughts on this.