IP address and interface not asked anymore.

  • So I went down a long rabbit hole because I just realized the installer doesn’t ask these two things anymore. Why did I never notice until now? I use the lovely -y argument with the installer. :-/

    Anyways… I’ve tracked back and tried various RCs, all the way back to RC-1 and still found that RC-1 doesn’t ask about the interface or ip address. Inside of fogproject/bin/installfog.sh at lines 338 and 339 in FOG RC-15.2, The interface and ipaddress variables are getting set.

    [[ -z $interface ]] && interface=$(getFirstGoodInterface)
    [[ -z $ipaddress  ]] && ipaddress=$(/sbin/ip addr show $interface | awk -F'[ /]+' '/global/ {print $3}')

    This causes fogproject/lib/common/input.sh loops at lines 92 and 119 to not run because the variable they are checking against isn’t empty. I’ve confirmed this by echoing out the variable contents before the loop. This causes the ipaddress and interface questions to never be asked in the installer. So, from the track record, this is working. It’s been working since RC-1 at least. But was this the intention?

    Here’s why I ask.

    I’ve just setup a multi-homed Ubuntu 16.04 server. I was testing another community member’s issues they described, and I got hung up on being unable to select my preferred interface.

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    I took a look at the code and I don’t remember why I added that. The same likely happens for “routeraddress” and “plainaddress” as well.

    I’ve republished RC-15 to have the code changes in effect to correct the installer issues in regards to these four fields. I also re-tagged the RC-15 as RC.2 is just a tag, it’s not the “version” applied to the installation.

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    Basic question I know but is this occurring on update or fresh install? Fresh install should ask you these questions where and upgrade will not.