User Login Hist truncation

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    • FOG Version: 120
    • OS: Ubuntu 10.04

    Hi all, was just wondering is there a way to truncate the user login hist table, I’m not the best with mysql and it has grown considerably due to the size of the company so rather than upping max mem in php.ini thought I would have a clean up :)

    Just in the process of building a new environment but wanted to undertake this to allow some of the support guys to use the user history to identify what machines they are using.

    As always thanks in advance,

  • Hi Wayne,

    Fantastic thank you just what I needed :)


  • Moderator

    First, you can get into FOG’s db via CLI with:
    mysql -D fog
    and leave with:

    I think it’s stored in the userTracking table. You should check with:
    select * from userTracking;

    If that’s the one, you can truncate it with:
    truncate table userTracking;

    Some other commands that may help you in the future are:
    You can get a listing of tables with:
    show tables;

    and you can get a description of a table with:
    describe userTracking;

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